Business Plan

and feasibility study in Italian and English


Unlike market research, but more similar to a business plan that is often developed concurrently, a feasibility study is to define a project, an opportunity or a problem clearly and thoroughly analyze all possible solutions and the feasibility of the same .
The study can be accomplished by a purely technical point of view or from an economic point of view . For completeness , it is always advisable to develop a study that explores all aspects of a business :
Since this is a study, in general, it is based on evaluations and not on reliable data , it is of paramount importance to adopt clear and transparent criteria to ensure objective results .
Our consultants provide a set of conclusions and recommendations that assist decision makers in focusing on the strategies, methods and priorities for development of the project.
In any case it is important to deepen this study, our consultants are competent in the formulation of business plans that are effective and instrumental in the development of a project , making the business plan a handy and useful tool.