“Italy Downunder”

OLIO, PASTA, TARALLI, LIMONCELLO, VINO, MOZZARELLA… L’Australia ama tutti i prodotti italiani

OIL , PASTA , TARALLI , LIMONCELLO , WINE, MOZZARELLA ... Australia loves all Italian products
Italian migrants in the past, often opened restaurants, promoting traditional Italian dishes that have made Italian cuisine world famous. And so we have created Italy Downunder exhibiting in supermarkets, shopping malls and stores specializing in Italian food and culture . Thanks to the opening of markets and globalization , even the raw materials of Italian cuisine have become sought-after products - tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, wine, cheese, fresh pasta and more . Especially in the Australian markets, there are now great opportunities for distributing Italian products wholesale and retail. The Koori project being implemented , is to create the United Downunder in supermarkets and food chains abroad to promote the quality and excellence of Italian products.
For info and to join the project please contact us at the following email: info@koori.it