Asset protection

Heritage protection


We provide protection, for private and corporate, of any nationality, from possible third party attacks. The reasons for asset protection vary, the most important are :
- Protection of assets accumulated by an entrepreneur in case of company downfall.
- Management, according to defined criteria of the assets in the event of succession and / or succession planning .
The objective for protecting assets is possible through the use of instruments approved and legal in the state of residence of our clients. These tools are able to preserve the integrity of the assets from third party attacks, and at the same time providing protection for the privacy agreement, such as banking secrecy . The preferred alternatives ensure both the protection of the assets that the tax savings in full compliance with the regulations.
The legal instruments most commonly used are the establishment of foreign companies or the establishment of trusts into which the assets are directed. The use of trusts, in particular, is the best solution to ensure both protection and privacy over assets.
Koori's consultants in Italy assist their clients in analyzing the problem and then supporting them in the customization of the project implementation phases ( company incorporation or establishment of trusts, document preparation ) and for the life of the legal structures created through administrative management if requested, or trustee services.