Create a TRUST

Family Trust protection


The word Trust is the complex legal relationship by which one person (the settlor) transfers ownership of goods to another person ( the trustee ) , who will manage the trust in order to achieve a purpose and / or in favor of one or more beneficiaries, which can include the same settlor .
The characteristics of the Trust are the segregation of assets and flexibility. In fact, the assets placed in trust constitute a separate asset , not attacked by third parties, managed by the trustee in accordance with the instructions set out in the trust ( deed ) .
Thanks to the effects of the segregation , the settlor is no longer required to include in their declaration of assets the assets placed in trust having transferred the ownership to the trustee.
The Trust is so unique and an indispensable tool to ensure :
- Protection of assets
- Privacy policy
- Segregation of assets
- Guarantee against creditors
- Generational change